Ekin Çekiç Niels Ackermann & Sébastien Gobert Charles Fréger Ilona Szwarc Ümit Savacı


Our story starts with 212 Magazine, a biannual magazine based out of Istanbul, published and distributed internationally by 212 Studio. It contains short fiction and long-form reporting, distinctive photo essays and revealing interviews. Even though it was born in the city where East meets West (as the well-worn cliche goes), the magazine seeks to transcend the loaded dichotomies of Istanbul’s favourite metaphor, and extend its gaze beyond the region.

Each issue is centred around a loose theme and comes in two editions: English and Turkish. Now sold in 40 countries worldwide, 212 aims to be as challenging as it is influential. More than ever, it wants to provide an inclusive space for ideas and perspectives to mix without prejudice, and to thoughtfully interrogate social, artistic, and cultural phenomena from the region and around the world.

For more information regarding the magazine, sales availability, and subscription options, please visit 212magazine.com.