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Charles Fréger

Ilona Szwarc

Ümit Savacı


This brief selection of films bring together an extraordinary array of films celebrating creativity.

All screenings are free of charge and will be presented at Yapı Kredi bomontiada, ALT – Performance Hall. Please make note of subtitle availability for each film.

This event is presented in collaboration with the The Consulate General of Sweden, Austrian Cultural Office and Istanbul French Cultural Center.

PERSONA (1966)

Director : Ingmar Bergman
83 minutes
in Swedish and English, with Turkish subtitles
6 May Monday, 18:00
ALT – Performance Hall

Famed stage stress Elisabeth Vogler suffers a moment of blankness during a performance and the next day lapses into total silence. Advised by her doctor to take time off to recover from what appears to be an emotional breakdown, Elisabeth goes to a beach house on the Baltic Sea with only Anna, a nurse, as company. Over the next several weeks, as Anna struggles to reach her mute patient, the two women find themselves experiencing a strange emotional convergence.


Director: Ingmar Bergman
170 minutes
in Swedish, with Turkish subtitles
6 May Monday, 20:00
ALT – Performance Hall

Highly influential on many prominent directors from Woody Allen to Richard Linklater, Scenes from a Marriage marks a first in Bergman’s filmography with its focus on the ordinarylives of ordinary people, examines the lives of Marianne and Johan, a Swedish couple whose marriage has collapsed after ten years despite the love they have for each other.Broadcast on Swedish television as a mini-series, Scenes from a Marriage was released theatrically the following year.


Director : Ingmar Bergman
96 minutes
in Swedish and Latin, with Turkish subtitles
7 May Tuesday, 20:00
ALT – Performance Hall

When disillusioned Swedish knight Antonius Block returns home from the Crusades to find his country in the grips of the Black Death, he challenges Death to a chess match for his life. Tormented by the belief that God does not exist, Block sets off on a journey, determined to evade Death long enough to commit one redemptive act while he still lives.


Director : Ingmar Bergman Swedish and Latin
91 minutes
in Swedish and Latin, with Turkish subtitles
8 May Wednesday, 20:00
ALT – Performance Hall

Crotchety retired doctor Isak Borg travels from Stockholm to Lund, Sweden, with his pregnant and unhappy daughter-in-law, Marianne, in order to receive an honorary degree from his alma mater. Along the way, they encounter a series of hitchhikers, each of whom causes the elderly doctor to muse upon the pleasures and failures of his own life. These include the vivacious young Sara, a dead ringer for the doctor’s own first love.


9 May Thursday, 18:00

Anders & Harri (2008)
Director : Asa Blanck, Johan Palmgren
13 minutes
in Swedish, with Turkish subtitles
ALT – Performance Hall

Anders and Harri are best friends. They share an interest in music. Anders is also very fond of trains. They decide to go to Getå, where the biggest train-accident in Sweden took place in 1918. Suddenly there is music in the air. A film about friendship, fears, trains.

Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers (2001)
Director : Johannes Nilsson & Ola Simonsson
10 minutes
in Swedish, with Turkish subtitles
ALT – Performance Hall

A gang in a Volvo have staked out a flat; when its occupants leave to walk their dog, the six break into the place. One keeps his eyes on a stopwatch: they have only ten minutes before the couple returns. Instead of stealing things, the gang goes from room to room making fascinating percussive music with found objects: first in the kitchen, then the bedroom, the bathroom, and the salon. The drummers keep the first three rooms tidy, but what will the flat’s occupants make of the hurricane that hits the living room?

Tussilago (2010)
Director : Jonas Odell
14 minutes
in Swedish, with Turkish subtitles
ALT – Performance Hall

A woman’s story of how she became involved in terrorist activities in the 1970s.

Coffee Time (2013)
Director : Maria Frekriksson
14 minutes
in Swedish, with Turkish subtitles
ALT – Performance Hall

A quartet of refined elderly ladies gets together for a good ol’ coffee klatch. Neatly dressed in houndstooth and pearls, they sip from elegant china and nibble on sweet cakes while discussing Viagra, cock rings, orgasms and quickies. Nothing’s off the table as they reminisce about the past and revel in the sexual revolution that’s come up around them, empowering their pleasure well into their twilight years.


Director : Karin Fahlén
95 minutes
in Swedish and Danish, with Turkish subtitles
9 May Thursday, 20:00
ALT – Performance Hall

Stockholm Stories is a contemporary and humorous multi plot drama about five people whose paths cross during a few rainy days in November. Young metropolitan writer Johan, obsessing over his theory on urban light and darkness. Preppy Douglas finds himself in love with the recently dumped and currently homeless Anna. Advertising professional Jessica is denied an adoption because she lacks friends. Workaholic Thomas is distracted from his position at the cabinet minister by a randomly sent love letter. How much light do we need to see each other? And how much darkness to dare to meet?


Director: Michel Toutin
55 minutes
in French
Subtitle: English
May 10 Friday, 18:00
ALT – Performance Hall

Willy Ronis took a photo of himself each year for 76 years: The first one was when he was 16 years old, the last one at the age of 92. These self-portraits set the tone of this film, in which Ronis speaks about himself, as well as his art and his career. The film also analyses some of the most celebrated images from the history of photography


Director : Julian Pölser
10 May Friday, 20:00
in German, with Turkish subtitles
ALT – Performance Hall

A woman inexplicably finds herself cut off from all human contact when an invisible, unyielding wall suddenly surrounds the countryside. Accompanied by her loyal dog Lynx, she becomes immersed in a world untouched by civilization and ruled by the laws of nature.